Curated Guide to Places to See, Eat and Drink in Naples/Napoli


Curated Guide for Things to See, Eat and Shop in Cascais Portugal


“With a unique youthful atmosphere, world-class classical music scene, a pulsating nightlife, and an exceptional offer of natural thermal baths, Budapest is one of Europe's most delightful and enjoyable cities.”


Curated Guide for Places to See, Eat and Drink in South Italian Coast


“Amman is the capital and largest city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It forms a great base for exploring the Country. Anything can be found in Amman if one asks.”


Mexico has a rich history of cultural transformations, breathtaking landscapes, unique music, dance traditions and food. Mexico, one of the richest countries in term of biological diversity, spreads across 1.92 million square km harbouring a wealth of ecosystems and species. A variety of unequaled ecosystems such as rainforest, volcanoes, reefs, caves, mountains, deserts can be found scattered across the country.


“Dubbed the City of Light and Capital of Fashion, this city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with about 14 million tourists annually.”

New York

“From the dazzling signs of Times of Square to the vivid beauty of Central Park, from the Statue of Liberty by the harbour to the towering Empire State Building over Manhattan’s iconic skyline. The city’s neighbourhoods and streets are so symbolic they have become deep-rooted into American consciousness”


“Mumbai is the result of seven islands on the Konkan coastline that joined over time. The city’s eclectic nature is symbolized with the presence of the globally influential Bollywood film industry. Mumbai is truly an Indian cosmopolitan city with a sense of busyness that never sleeps. ”


“Shanghai portrays a unique blend of old history and futurism; with its skyline and immense architectural landmarks lining the Bund to the rickety charm of the Old Town and the leafy backstreets of the former French Concession. Its truly a city that just begs for gastronomic wandering.”


“Copenhagen positions itself as the geographical link between the Nordics and Western Europe. Its also a place where old fairy tales converge with elegant modern architecture and best in class design; where melodic jazz mixes with the crisp electronica music from one of Copenhagen’s basements, truly a symphony!”


“Vienna is famous for its exquisite standards, supported by the calm yet elegant lifestyle. Its rich musical history makes the city quite a pilgrimage point for classical music worshippers; It is truly Austria’s artistic, cultural, economic and political center in every sense.”


“Barcelona is a large historic port located on the northeastern Spain by the Mediterranean. Its many faces; the medieval Old Town, unique street and urban planning, sandy beaches, green parks and prominent buildings designed by famous architect make Barcelona a symbol of modern serenity to many.”


“Istanbul is a historical city that confidently maintains its borders between Europe and Asia for millennia and as a result, you witness a medieval metropolis and the Modern Middle East. A second Rome; a city where you must most definitely roam and experience the cultural excitement that lie around each corner.”


“Madrid is Spain’s largest and capital city known for its joyous culture and important architectural heritage. The cityscape is embezzled with grand avenues, plazas, monuments and well recognised art galleries. Nor does this city disappoint in gastronomy with fresh offerings right around every corner and a festive nightlife lasting till dawn.”


“The paradise city in the westernmost parts of Europe showcasing its old-time charm and allowing one to free their mind alongside the calm waters of the beaches while dining on fresh coastal cuisine. Lisbon is a potpourri of culture, history and strong Portuguese heritage. ”


“Amsterdam is a city filled with lovely canals, impressive architecture and more than a thousand bridges. There is something for every traveler’s taste, from culture and history, partying or just to take a vacation with the chart of an old European city. Maybe that’s a reason why its colloquially known as the Venice of the North.”


“Dubai is the commercial hub of Middle East which attracted the world’s attention through innovative construction projects and sport events. The city is symbolized by its skyscrapers and in addition to ambitious development projects, it also boasts some of the world’s largest and extraordinary shopping malls.”


“The city’s historic buildings and winding streets are a testament to its centuries-old role as the capital of Bohemia. This atmosphere is combined with a certain quirkiness that embraces the entire city; from the castle to the river, Prague is truly a city of medieval charm.”

San Francisco

“San Francisco provides an abundance of treasures for its travelers, from the windswept and foggy bay to its meandering hills positioned by Victorian homes that command spectacular scenery over the city. SF varies wildly from the Chinatown to the hipster vibe of the Castro and the gleaming skyscrapers built along the city’s Silicon Valley.”


“Chicago is the home of the blues and the truth of jazz, the heart of comedy and the idea of the skyscraper. With a wealth of iconic sights and neighborhoods to explore, there’s enough to fill a visit of days, weeks, or even months without ever seeing the end.”


“Vibrant, multicultural and full of life, London remains the most visited international capital for culture, fashion, music, and finance since the 18th century due to its centricity for global trade.”


“Capital city famous for its multi-culture, vibrant nightlife, plenty cafés, street art, historic museums and places of cultural interest. Berlin’s heritage is contributed by a series of tumultuous events resulting in its many distinctive neighbourhoods, each offering its unique charm.”

Places to See

Sammlung Boros

Former bunker and contemporary art gallery with private collection tours

Der Kegel

Indoor and open air boulder park with climbing areas for both beginners and experts

Computer Games Museum

Video games music with playable historical video game exhibits

Gemäldegallerie Berlin

Art gallery exhibiting renaissance paintings from 14th-18th century


Indoor tropical botanical garden in Potsdam with a butterfly garden and koi ponds


Day Trip
Nature hike in the Grünwald region with a large sand pit

Zeiss Planetarium

Modern stellar theatre hosting events and the chance to explore the universe


Urban Explore
Large concrete block with historical significance from the Third Reich

Tempelhofer Feld

Urban Explore
Large inoperational airport open for public visit

Berlin Kart

Large indoor go karting arena located in Neukölln

Pfaueninsel Park

Day Trip
Small island garden near the spree filled with peacocks and accessible by ferry

Bohemian Rixdorf

Urban Explore
Hidden village within Berlin

Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden

Large botanical gardens hosting events from time to time

Pergamon and Neues Museum

Large museum featuring artefacts such as the Bust of Nerfertiti

East Side Gallery

Grafitti gallery on the Berlin Wall

DDR Museum

Historic museum on the DDR and WW2

Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag

Historical sights within a walkable distance

Hohenschönhausen Memorial

Former Stasi prison and memorial to DDR oppression

Tropical Island

Water park with a tropical theme in an indoor setting

Mauerpark on Sundays

Flea Market
Sunday fleamarkets with international food trucks and karaoke

Berliner Unterwelten

Visit an underground bunker in Berlin

Topography of Terror

Outdoor exhibit and museum illustrating images of the German holocaust history


Day Trip
Abandoned NSA station on a madmade hill outside of Berlin

Places to Eat

Standard Pizza

Hipster pizzeria serving juicy pizzas fresh straight out of the oven

Chen Che

Vietnamese restaurant with great interiors serving food and tea

Al Dente

Italian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg serving fresh handmade pasta

Massai Restaurant

Elegant restaurant offering a unique African dining experience

Villa di Wow

Pizza shack serving large slices of margarita, vegan and salami varieties

Doyum Restaurant

Authentic Turkish restaurant serving delicious food

3 Schwestern

German restaurant with an artistic vibe and friendly service

Big Sur

Gourmet burger and fries restaurant offering a friendly American vibe

Joseph Roth Diele

Cozy German restaurant serving food that takes you back in time


Authentic Russian restaurant serving tasty dishes with fair prices

Pizzeria Fratelli La Bionda

Authentic Italian pizzeria serving fresh pizzas with wine

Wirtshaus zum Mitterhofer

Austrian Tirol influenced restaurant known for schnitzel

Da Jia Le

Authentic Chinese restaurant in Schöneberg serving peking duck

Aunt Benny

Cafe offering nice coffee, good music and fresh cakes to order

Repke Spatzlerei

German restaurant serving known for its Spätzle and Maultaschen

Long March Canteen

Chinese restaurant serving great dim-sum with tapas style


Exquisite restaurant offering an Austrian 7 course fine dining experience

Cafe Valentin

Swedish cafe serving tasty vegan dishes and smøreebrød

$ Nobelhart & Schmutzig

10 course organic meal with seating around the kitchen

Kumple und Keule

Meat lover’s paradise serving dry aged beef burgers with bacon


Russian restaurant with a nice atmosphere serving brunch and vodka

Prince Restaurant

Trendy Asian fusion restaurant serving great food and drinks

Standard Serious Pizza

Juicy and thick Neapolitan pizza in this Prenzlauer joint

Pizzeria — Fratelli La Bionda

Pizzeria serving a cosy spot and a great ambience

Villa Di Wow

Pepperoni pizza finally to be found right here in Berlin have a good slice


OG neighbourhood pizza mafia making sure 10249 Friedrichshain has the best pizza

Salami Social Club

Super nice Salami pizza straight from Italy with thick crust and a bit of pesto on top

Kumple und Keule Metzgerhandwerk

Fresh meat burgers straight from the butcher at this Markthalle in Kreuzberg


Most delicious spicy chicken burgers made with piri piri sauce

Shiso Burger

Delicious wagyu beef burgers that literlaly melt in your mouth at the best prices

Die Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee

Historic inn and beer garden offering views over the lake with fresh sea food

Son Kitchen

Korean street food place serving hip burgers and Bibimbap.

Die Stulle

Breakfast café serving sandwiches, coffee, and cakes with a friendly atmosphere.

Cocolo Ramen

Japanese restaurant serving authentic ramen


Japanese bistro and deli serving bento lunch boxes


Garlic themed restaurant in Berlin serving lunch and dinner.

Good bank

Salad café that grows its own leaves!


Large park with Thai picnic-style streetfood

Oak and Ice

Innovative ice cream place and top dessert venue

Bonanza Coffee Heroes & Doppio Pazzo

Coffee roasthouse serving fresh brews in a chic atmosphere

What Do You Fancy Love?

Breakfast and brunch café serving bagels.

Le Bon and House of Small Wonder

Artsy café serving breakfast and brunch for that hangover

Cookies Cream and Lucky Leek

Upscale vegan and fine dining restaurants.


Portuguese bakery in Berlin serving custards, pastries, and sandwiches.

Trattoria Libau

Authentic Italian restaurants with seasonal menus.


Italian dining restaurant serving authentic thin pizzas

Tak Tak

Polish deli serving tasty pierogi dumplings


Austrian cuisine place serving veal schnitzels.

Max und Moritz and Mauli Maultaschen

German restaurant serving authentic schnitzels and spätzle

Schwarze Heidi

Swiss restaurant in Berlin serving traditional cheese fondue.

Le Piaf and Chez Maurice

Gourmet French restaurants with seasonal menus.

Osmans Töchter

Turkish restaurant serving traditional food in an elegant atmosphere

Patio Restaurantschiff

Restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine on a boat.


Gastrobar serving creative dishes and drinks in Berlin.

Katz Orange

Unique restaurant in Berlin serving experimental cuisine.

The Bird

American steakhouse serving New York style burgers and steaks


Fast food restaurant serving Canadian poutine


Serving up fresh cheeseburgers across two locations in Kreuzberg, Mitte and West


Georgian restaurant serving their local favourite khachapuri


Tapas style Asian restaurant cafe with small bites.


Indian streetfood restaurant serving dosas and thalis

Hot Spot

Chinese restaurant serving duck and rice dishes

Yumcha Heroes

Chinese dumplings house serving Shanghai-style cuisine

Monsieur Vuong

Vietnamese café serving soups, salads and shakes

District Mot

Vietnamese restaurant serving tasty pho and burgers


Chic Asian fusion restaurant serving great sushi.


Japanese BBQ restaurant in Berlin serving Wagyu and Angus beef.


Vietnamese and Asian-fusion restaurant serving sharing platters.

Kimchi Princess

Korean restaurant serving self-prepared BBQ dishes

Angry Chicken

Korean fast-food restaurants serving quick bites.

Places to Drink

The Factory

Start-up events and panel discussions on various tech and non-tech issues

Zum Starken August

Bar offering cabaret shows and karaoke with a cosy atmosphere


Brewery serving fresh beers and pizza in an outdoor beer garden tavern

Vagabund Brauerei

Lively brewery serving craft beer in Wedding


Exclusive sheesha lounge and cocktail bar offering a great atmosphere


eSports bar chain hosting hearthstone and super smash bros tournaments

Mano Café

Cosy bar and cafe offering a homely atmosphere to catch up with friends

Mein Haus am See

Quirky bar with a cozy atmosphere, live DJ sets and busy evenings


Less-crowdediInternational chain of craft beer bars offering a wide selection of beers and pizza.


Bar in a local tram; drinks on the wheels while cruising through the city


Bar with Pinball tables with fun atmosphere in Kreuzberg

Süss War Gestern

lounge and bar that turns into a nightclub with live music

Kumpelnest 3000 and Sameheads

Dive bars in Berlin offering beers at a good price

Eschschloraque Rümschrümp

Indoor bar with live music evenings and an outdoor patio


Cosy wine bar offering a wide variety of wine and small snacks.

Neue Odessa

Smokers bar with tasteful interiors and a door policy


Classic smoking bar serving the tastiest cocktails in Kreuzberg.

Deck 5

Rooftop bar with a beach theme located at the top floor of the Arcaden

Hotel de Rome and Solar Sky Lounge

Fancy rooftop bar offering the top views and cocktails


Rooftop bar hosting live shows and artistic events in Berlin


Beach themed reggae bar with a range of Jamaican food options


Rainforest jungle themed bar with a casual and friendly ambience.

Kneipe Klo

Toilet themed bar with a cool and funny atmosphere.

Fairytale Bar

Elegant bar filled with magic and an Alice in Wonderland theme

Madame Claude

Bar hosting small live music performances with an upside down décor

McLaren’s Pub

American style pub based on the famous tv show How I Met Your Mother

An Einem Sonntag Im August

Bar with a smoking section offering cocktails and vegan burgers until late

Sage Club

Night club in the venue of Kit Kat on Thursdays playing live rock gigs

Monston Ronson’s

Karaoke bar influenced by Berlin with private rooms and a main stage

House of weekend

Night club with a rooftop playing regular events and student nights


Night club with cosy vibes and perfect for an after-work setting

Prince Charles

House & hip hop club with a swimming pool converted into a bar


Large Berlin club with an outdoor area by the canal


Spacious techno club with great music in Berlin


Night club with an outdoor bonfire pit area

Golgatha Gaststätten

Classic beer garden with a rooftop terrace vibe located in Viktoria Park.

Places to Network


Regular events and meetups on transport industry topics like drones.


Startup incubator hosting events related to entrepreneurial topics

The Energy Market Revolution

Regular meetups for discussing topics like Blockchain

GTEC Open Lectures

Education centre offering lectures and talks from industry experts

Places to Shop


Contemporary eyewear and sunglasses store.

The green lung in Friedrichshain

Vape shop selling a healthier smoking alternative

Durst Express

drinks delivery asap online Berlin


Graphic T shirt store with patterns made from sewer lids Berlin

Bubbly Berlin

handmade design, fabric and art store Berlin

Kauf Dich Glüklich

Curated clothing store offering the best of many brands at a price

Paper and Tea

Tea store serving blends from the world and stationery products


chilli shop for sauces, oils and seeds

Original Unverpackt

Sustainable plastic-free supermarket promoting BIO products

Goldhahn & Sampson

Artisan food store offering exotic ingredients


Online store for smart and connected home products

Very ugly plates

Redecorated porcelain wall plates with humour Berlin

Paper Trophy

Paper origami wall decor pieces resembling animal heads DE

Dirty Roots


Plant store specialising in indoor, tillandsien, cacti and bonsai plants

The Botanical Room

exotic plants & contemporary accessories


Concept fashion store for high end avant-garde clothing


Designer concept store for Japanese and Avant-Garde fashion

Andreas Murkudis

High quality designer clothing and accessories


Boutique fashion and exclusive designer store

Burg & Schild

Mens fashion and denim wear store



Boutique French store with simple-tImeless fashion designs


designer streetwear produced in Europe Berlin

The Corner Berlin

Curated designer fashion, home products and streetwear store


Voo Store

PP Berlin

Fresh styles, handmade streetwear and unique accessories Berlin



One of the world’s finest streetwear and sneaker store in Berlin.



fashion store selling psychedelic T shirts, posters and stencils Berlin


In case you’re looking for something dark to wear at Berghain tonight (still does not guarantee entry)

Wood Wood

modern everyday fashion wear brand


One of the world’s finest streetwear and sneaker store in Berlin.

Lakritz Dealer

Candy shop with a huge selection of licorice from international regions.

Ritter Sport ChocoWorld

Make your own chocolate in Berlin!


Scandinavian gift shop displaying well designed products.

Retro Super Future

Contemporary eye wear and sun glasses store.

Jünemann’s Pantoffeleck

Independent artisan selling handmade felt slippers.


Shopping mall featuring luxury brands and fashion stores.

Alexa and Mall of Berlin

Shopping malls with high-street brands and food courts.

Dong Xuan Center

Vietnamese and Asian Shopping and shopping market.


Large musical instrument shop with jam rooms to test instruments.

Original Unverpackt

Sustainable plastic-free supermarket specialising in BIO food products.

Goldhahn & Sampson

Artisan food store offering exotic ingredients and food products.


Market style grocery store selling recipe packages curated for the perfect meal.

Type Hype

Handmade stationery and house lifestyle products.


Art store with a great collection of modern hobby supplies


Schiffskontor and Spreeboote

Rent a boat for the day and visit Berlin's lakes and river

Air Service Berlin

Book a helicopter or hot air balloon ride over Berlin


Spa with saunas and a swimming pool with underwater music

Spindler & Klatt

Classy bar and restaurant located by the Spree river


Dining restaurant in a nightclub with a hidden entrace


Gastronomic restaurant offering an intricate and modern 8-course meal

Käfer Dachgarten

Experience fine dining at the Reichstag with views over Berlin


Gourmet restaurant offering the delights of French Mediterranean cuisine with views

Tim Raue

Top restaurant serving a variety of Asian plates with a European influence


Contemporary restaurant serving a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese kitchen

Watch Out

Almost everything is shut on Sundays

Cash is more frequent than card

Carry validated tickets when riding public transport

Alex TV Tower

Better views from Panoramapunkt Café on Potsdamer Platz.

Checkpoint Charlie

Tourist trap