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It all started when...

Travelling to new cities nowadays often end up with a Google search about top places to visit; most of these places found are popular, some are quite touristic and others lack a certain taste of the local scene. Then there's the research for finding restaurants in these cities... the restaurants that claim to be within the top 10 of websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp that end up rather being a choice for popular tourists that charm the authenticity out of the local cuisine. And then you realise that its too late, the bill has been paid.

theworldyousee was created to bridge the gap between places that are 'off the beaten path' with locally curated content. Thus, offering you recommendations on places to see, unique restaurants and bars, luxury and exclusive spots, networking events and boutique shopping. And we'll also tell you where you go next! Just register your interest by entering you email address in the box below or get in touch faster by messaging using the chat icon on the bottom-right of the screen

We are currently covering Berlin, London, Prague, Amsterdam, San Francusco, Mumbai, Dubai, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Istanbul, Shanghai and Copenhagen.

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