โ€œAmman is the capital and largest city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It forms a great base for exploring the Country. Anything can be found in Amman if one asks.โ€

Off the beaten path guide to


Places to See

The Boulevard

Boulevard, JamAl-Al-Juqah St., Amman, Jordan

The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ

The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ, Jordan

Shams El Balad

Amman, Jordan

MMAG Art Foundation

11AM to 7PM
30 Othman Bin Affan Street Jabal AmmanุŒ POBox 1195 Amman 11118 JordanุŒ Amman, Jordan
Art gallery featuring out of the box exhibits in a setting filled with multiple rooftops and floors

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

8:30AM to 7PM
Baptism point of Jesus Christ located at the border between Israel and Jordan


8:30AM to 7PM
Jerash, Jordan
Ancient Roman city featuring temples of Artemis, Zeus and an amphitheater with live gladiator shows


8AM to 5PM
Taha Al-Hashemi St., Amman, Jordan
Roman amphitheater located within downtown Amman with powerful sound acoustics and a museum

Royal Automobile Museum

10AM to 7:30PM
Amman, Jordan
Kings car museum featuring rare and antique cars for display

Places to Eat

Hashem Restaurant Down Town

King Faisal Street Amman, สฟAmman, Jordan

Al Khal restaurant

Amman, Jordan

Primal Restaurant

10AM to 11:45PM
Amman, Jordan
Exquisite restaurant serving healthy food varieties and freshly pressed vegetable juices

Gerard Ice Cream

11AM to 11PM
Ar Radwan, Amman, Jordan
Top ice cream parlour serving delicious flavours along with slushies and crepes

Rumi Cafe

7AM to 11PM
Al-Shariaah College St. 14, Amman, Jordan
Hipster cafe and bakery serving the perfect cup of Arabic tea and coffee

Uncle Osaka

10:30AM to 12AM
Mamdouh Al-Sarayrah St, Amman, Jordan
Japanese cheesecake store serving a delicious cakes with a cozy atmosphere


6:30PM to 12AM
Abdallah Ben Massoud St., Amman, Jordan
BBQ restaurant serving quality burgers with a nice ambience and service

Rawan Cake

8AM to 12AM
Al Sultan Commercial ComplexุŒ Naeb Omran Al Maaytah St 33, Amman, Jordan
Famous cake shop offering a wide range of sweets, cakes to order and ice creams

Shams el Balad

Permanently closed
Amman, Jordan
Popular restaurant serving organic meat-free dishes combining a healthy and local lifestyle


12 to 11PM
First CircleุŒ King Abdallah I SquareุŒ Amman, Jordan
Sports pub offering a wide range of chicken wing flavours


9:30AM to 2AM
6th Cir., Amman, Jordan
American fast food restaurant place serving chicken strips, wings, mashed potato and buffalo sauce

Al Khal

7AM to 9PM
Amman, Jordan
No frills restaurant serving local Arabic dishes like Fatoush, Hummus and Gilayat Bandora

Pizza lovers

11:59AM to 12AM
Saleh Ali Zaki St., Amman, Jordan
Takeaway pizza place in Sweifeih known for its chicken Alfredo pizzas and buffalo wings


Open 24 hours
Al Kulliyah Al Elmiyah Al Eslamiyah St 54, Amman, Jordan
Cosy schwarma restaurant serving quality food to eat in and take away

Um Khalil

1 to 11PM
Al-Kulliyah Al-Elmeyah Al-Islameyah St., Jabal 11183, Jordan
Famous Lebanese restaurant located in Jerash serving top quality food

Places to Drink

Clava Lounge

Orthodox Club, Bashir khair St 18, Amman, Jordan

Places to Network

Places to Shop

Mlabbas - ู…ู„ุจุณ

Rainbow St., Amman, Jordan


Complex No 5ุŒ Al Nayrouz St 5ุŒ JordanุŒ Amman, Jordan

From The Earth

Amman, Jordan

Fanillah (FNL)

Rainbow St. 26, Amman, Jordan

Fanillah (FNL)

10AM to 10PM
Rainbow St. 26, Amman, Jordan
Store on rainbow street offering T-shirtโ€™s and hoodies for youth fashion


10AM to 10PM
Rainbow St., Amman, Jordan
Fashion store offering clothing and lifestyle accessories at attractive prices


10AM to 10PM
Complex No 5ุŒ Al Nayrouz St 5ุŒ JordanุŒ Amman, Jordan
Alternative clothing and lifestyle store thatโ€™s a perfect spot for an arabic souvenir


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